Do You Shy Away From Being Seen And Heard?


It’s ironic that people often shy from doing the two things that will bring the most amount of success to them. It’s an issue that plagues so many, including those that are already highly successful.

Right now, it might feel safer to stay hidden in the shadows. Especially with the coronavirus situation going on, it’s easier to feel comfortable hiding away. The reality is that this whole coronavirus situation is only going to last so long. And while some things will change, others will stay the same.

Even now, I’ve heard people telling me that they feel uncomfortable even on video conference calls. That’s why it’s so important that you defeat the fear of being seen and heard.

Let me be straight up by saying: You stand to win by putting yourself out there. The bolder and braver you are, the better. Those that are shying away from life are not the ones that are killing it. They are not the ones that are making things happen.

That’s why you can’t give in and place it safe. Instead, you must defeat the fear and be in your own power. This way, the moment you need to take action and be seen and be heard, you’ll be able to feel comfortable doing exactly that.

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