Process this: The Reality is That No One Knows Everything.

I’ve found that a lot of people really miss out on moments like these because they are too busy being in their own heads. It’s easy to keep spinning your wheels to the point where you are not being in the moment.

I recently did an audiobook that talked about the pursuit of finding an equation/theory that explained the concept of infinity. I know… Nerdy right? The funny thing is that my takeaway had nothing to do with the subject of the book.

It was something else that caught my attention. Many of the greatest minds that worked on mathematical riddles had mental health issues. It appeared that by going over and over certain concepts and in most cases not being able to solve certain math problems, they often ended up experiencing mental dis-ease.

I saw a similar pattern in a client last week. She explained that her depression often stemmed by overthinking. Thinking about what? Existential questions including obsessing about unknowns.

You can’t imagine how many times I’ve had people tell me that they feel anxious about the future. Even more so lately of course.

Process this: The reality is that no one knows everything.

#1: Even the best psychic doesn’t get everything right. Be sure that you aren’t overthinking to the point where it starts taking your peace of mind from you.

#2: Overthinking and being anxious and fearful can be rooted in traumatic experiences so if there was a tough or series of tough situations that you went through, consider working through them so that your mind doesn’t feel the need to have you function based on them.

Living in the past will never help you move forward in life. It’s only by being rooted in the present that you move forward in life.

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