Focus and Follow Through

Why Focus and Follow-Through Are Important for Your Success

Here are reasons why focus and follow-through are important for success:

#3. Things are always going to come up. If you’re not fully committed to accomplishing a goal, then it’ll be easy for you to get distracted when other ideas and tasks come up. Imagine chasing 2 rabbits at a time. What kind of success rate would you get? Well, according to Researcher David Strayer, multitasking leads to a loss of 28% of a person’s day. That means that for every 4 days you work, you lose one. Dr. Strayer also reported that multitaskers are 40% less productive across the board. That means that it takes them ultimately more time to get that one task done. This situation leads to more frustration and stress. Social media alone can be a time vampire which is why it’s important to place a value to your time. A person who is hell bent on reaching a goal, will get back to their top priority as quickly as they can and keep working on it.

#2. If you don’t get something done, it will never get done. Thinking about something is not enough. You have to take action. Not only that but it has to be sustained action. This includes working when it gets boring or tedious or when there’s something even funner that you’d rather be doing. And if it means forgoing watching a night of mind numbing tv shows then so be it, because you know that what you do in your life is what really matters. Your life is real. TV isn’t. Your commitment has to be such where you are more than willing to do whatever it takes.

#1. So that you have the self-confidence that can count on yourself. Lets be honest, the only person who can do the things that you need to do to be successful is you. Nobody is to blame for what you don’t do. This is your life. These are your goals and aspirations that we’re talking about, not anybody else’s. The ability to rely on yourself is what differentiates a person who is in control of their life from one who isn’t. It’s important that you be able to trust in your visions, feel comfortable making decisions for yourself and follow through so that you can complete your goals. The more you train your mind to have an I can and I trust myself attitude, the more you’ll condition your mind to see and believe in your potential.

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