In Person and Phone Hypnosis Sessions for Job Interview Confidence

Do you find that you lack confidence during your job interviews? Do you find that you get anxious to the point that you’re not able to be yourself?

I’m David Chung. I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist who has also worked in media and technology for over a decade in large organizations, venture funded startups, and one of the most recognized companies in Silicon Valley.

Here are 4 ways that hypnosis can help you succeed in acing your job interviews and getting the job you want:

  1. It trains your mind to stay positive in your job search. Applying for jobs is time consuming. It’s like a job in itself. Keeping a positive outlook helps you stay motivated to find the right thing, not just anything.
  2. It gives your mind the opportunity to visualize and practice performing at your best in interviews. By conditioning your mind for success, you can feel confident and ready to be the best version of yourself as soon as you walk into the interview room.
  3. It helps you identify and better understand your career path so you can communicate why you’re ready to make a change or prepared to take that next step in your career.
  4. It helps you focus. Whether that’s when you’re applying or making sure you answer interview questions accurately, you can be laser-focused on being an active participant in your job search.

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