Control Your Thoughts

Control your thoughts
Control your thoughts. Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax – BRYANT MCGILL –

Combat stress and anxiety with feelings that allow you to stay calm. Keeping calm is the best way to counteract stress, discomfort, anxiety, anger and depression. You can be into a state of calm when you are so overwhelmed by following this steps #sashatips

  1. Begin your morning with a peaceful mind: Wake up at an earlier time. This way you can perform all your morning activities without being stressed out. You can book 10 minutes each morning to meditate and visualize your daily and long-term goals.
  1.  Combat stress by practicing healthy habits: During the day you can find yourself in various situations that lead you to experience stress, anger, anxiety or depression. Everybody experience these kinds of situations. It’s part of the human experience.  In these situations, your goal is to replace raw reactions for healthy responses that have you in control.  Instead of experiencing an out of control reaction such as eating junk food, procrastinating on your to dos, or even consuming alcohol or drugs to numb out, identify what behavioral patterns aren’t serving you.  Substitute them with a calm way of seeing things for what they are while staying positive and in your power.  Redirect or eliminate any anxious energy by doing breathing exercises, yoga, walking, talking to a friend or doing something positive. While any of these are good, I recommend taking five minutes of meditation to focus all your thoughts and your being.
  1. Give yourself time to re-energize yourself. Especially when you have a lot going on at work or have been in situations where you have consistently been around other people with no time to yourself, you may find yourself anxious and overwhelmed. In scenarios like these, I recommend that you take at least 15 minutes for yourself. Get away from everything that is not necessary, such as your phones and social media.  Find a quiet place to close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Begin to calm your mind by imagining that you are releasing all stress from your mind and energy.  In your mind’s eye, imagine what it would look like to decompress as if you were visibly able to see it.  You’ll feel much better after.


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