How Many Times Have You Told Yourself, “I Just Knew It!”

Is your answer somewhere along the lines of, “It’s happened so many times that I can’t count?
Now let me tell you a crazy story. . .
Maybe a month and a half or two ago, I had a wild dream that when I myself dreamt it, I couldn’t believe it.
It was a very intense emotional dream.
I just recently found out that it had transpired.
And as I was figuring out what to do about it, one night I had another dream.
That dream gave me the clarity that I needed.
I swear, it was like a higher power or loved one from the other side was guiding me.
It was making an effort to keep me safe.
As I looked for answers, the answers became clear in other ways.
Instead of the whole thing putting me in a bad place, it empowered me.
That set of events has really reinforced in my mind that I not only need to pay attention to my dreams but that I need to go with my #intuition.
We are a part of something even larger and at any point, we are able to connect and get the guidance we need.
It also reminded me that even with all the crap that I’ve gone through which is above and beyond what a normal person has to go through, that God has been taking care of me this whole time, even when I was blind to it.
If I look back, I realize that I’ve probably been given many messages before. I just wasn’t listening.
I’m listening now.
Have you had similar experiences?

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