Letting Go of Toxic Relationships

Are you somebody who has done everything to heal, growth and evolve? And maybe you are starting to notice things around you that you hadn’t notice before. That starts to happen because the more you growth and you open your consciousness, what starts to happen is that you become aware of the things that you hadn’t being aware of before. Before you might have been like a horse with blinders, but once those blinders come down, you are able to see the full picture and you are able to see things in other people that you hadn’t been able to see before.

For example, maybe is your best friend or a very good friend negativity that you start to realize that this person is really negative and all they do is go on and on and on and on top that they have a very bad attitude, maybe they are also somebody who likes to gossip. Once you start noticing those things, when you have this awareness, what starts to happen is that it no longer vibes with you and it is no longer acceptable, so that leaves you with two choices. The first one is to see if you can help your friend to start to vibrate on the same level you are vibrating and if you are able to do that, it is wonderful, that is a gift to your friend. But that being said, there are some people that don’t want to change and if anything, they just wanna pull you down. So if you come across that kind of person, just know that is ok to do some spring cleaning, sometimes is like the sign of the seasons, there is a season for everything and this also happens with relationships. Sometimes there are certain relationships that are just not going to move forward and it is better for you to be realistic with yourself and feel comfortable to end that so that you can surround yourself with like minded people.

There is that saying that you are equal to the 5 people that are closest to you, so my question to you is: What are the 5 people that are closest to you like, what does this say about you?.If it’s not good, then maybe it’s time to do some spring cleaning and maybe it’s time to start being more social, more outgoing and find more like minded people, just like you.

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