Feel Like Some Thing or Situation Should be Different?

I think the majority of people feel that way right now.
I know I did particularly around the time this picture was taken.
Motherhood was not what I thought it would be.
I’ve already mentioned that my baby suffered from severe colic.
I was hardly sleeping.
My relationship had deteriorated.
And for the first time, not having parents, particularly a mother, really weighed on me.
This was one of those moments where I needed her the most.
I felt so overwhelmed.
That time frame as well as many others taught me something simple yet basic and its that in tough situations, you just do your best.

It won’t be perfect. But that’s ok.
Every day. . .
Every moment. . .
You do what you can.
There will be times when you fail.
There will be times when you fall.
Even so, you learn and you get back up.
There will be times when there is no light at the end of the tunnel in sight.
Still you keep going.
Find a way and keep going no matter what!
That is my message for you today. : )

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