Negative Thinking NEVER Helped Anybody

I often hear clients tell me that for many years, they’ve preferred to think negatively so as to not to be disappointed when things didn’t go the way they would have wanted them to.

Especially when you’ve been disappointed badly in the past, it makes sense that you not want to experience that again.

Trauma can often make it so that we are consistently referring to the past when making new choices. Doing that can be hurtful on many different levels.

#1. It can hinder your ability to make good choices because you’re always functioning from a place of fear.

#2. It trains your mind to be negative which is honestly a horrible way to exist. Who wants to be negative day in and day out? Scary right?

#3. It can also cause you to anxiously await for bad things to happen. Once again… fear and on top of that, anxiety. Especially since I often work with people who are suffering from anxious thoughts, I regularly hear people tell me of all of the made up stories that their minds come up with. Our minds can be great at creating all kinds of negative scenarios of all the things that could possibly go wrong.

#4. It can steal your momentum which means that you find yourself stagnant in life.

Have I made my case?

For all these reasons and much more, don’t give in to negative thinking.

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