Get Hypnotized To Curb Sugar, Eat Healthy and Promote Weight Loss

Hypnosis to eat healthy

I work with several personal trainers – some of the best in helping their clients to shed stubborn pounds. These fitness professionals understand that for successful long-term weight loss to happen, an individual must combine regular exercise with healthy, balanced eating habits. They know that while they are able to help their clients get the best workouts, it is ultimately up to the client whether they are going to eat correctly or not.

Recently, I had the opportunity to give a presentation at the Easy Fitness gym located in Marina Del Rey (Yes, they also have a Santa Monica location). I’ve helped many of their clients with a variety of issue from smoking cessation to anxiety eating. My main focus was on explaining how eating sugar affects us on all levels and why it can be so difficult to stop.

When eating is done for comfort or as a reward instead of for maximizing health, it can develop an unhealthy pattern that the mind constantly tries to replay. Our minds like patterns, so it is important to be aware when a negative one is playing out. This would be evidenced by your behavior; such as eating an entire half-gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream when you feel upset.
Making things worse, sugar has a physical addictive component to it which is not unlike that seen in heroine. It stimulates the pleasure centers of our brain making you want more to just feel good. For these reasons, I often find myself using hypnosis to help people stop being addicted to sweets. In the process, my clients usually find themselves losing weight.

When I was done explaining sugar’s role in inhibiting weight loss, I hypnotized the group. Everybody laid down on their yoga mats and off they went into a very deep state of relaxation where their minds were highly suggestible to the healthy eating suggestions that I then gave them. I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback on their experience. By the time we were done, they were so relaxed that nobody said a peep! : )

Working out alone can only do so much if you are not making the right food choices. Hypnosis can make it easier. To learn more about my weight loss through hypnosis program visit my weight and sugar release page.

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