The Reality is That Single or Not, You Are All You Need

Sometimes, when you are single, your mind tries to tell you that something/somebody is missing. Of course your mind would try to do that. Those were the kind of messages you saw growing up.

Think about it: Our whole lives, the media has constantly shown us that meeting somebody… meeting that prince charming is the big goal. Do that and you’ll live happily ever after. That’s what the majority of the old school cartoons showed you.

We may be adults but sometimes our minds want to quietly revert to those outdated ways of thinking.

The reality is that single or not, you are all you need. I know that sometimes it gets lonely. If that is what you’re focusing on, then shift your gears on what you can do the change that.

Maybe it’s spending time with some of the people that are part of your bubble. Maybe part of the solution is being at piece with yourself.

Take care of yourself however you need to and always remember. . . You are all you need and you are more than enough.

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