Borrow my “It’s doable” Attitude and Use it to Get Yourself Out of that Funk


If I truly believe that a person has a ridiculously high chance of achieving a goal, those are the words that I will say.
For a lot of people the reassurance that they can change or even just improve a situation helps relieve some of their stress.
More often than not, when we are in a bad emotional state, a part of us feels this feeling of futility, where we feel like whatever it is will never change. Like you are going to stay stuck. But that’s not true.
How could it be when change is what is natural and normal? Plus whatever tough situation that you are experiencing isn’t something that you were born with. It’s not part of your nature.
So the next time you feel like things can’t change, feel free to borrow my “It’s doable” attitude and use it to get yourself out of that funk.
My friend. . . With the right tools, you are much more powerful than what you even imagine!

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