Don’t be Fooled By The Social Media Filter

Think about it, when somebody asks you “How are you?” don’t you automatically tend to say, “Fine, well or great.” A lot of times we don’t think even think about it.

In most families, at a young age, we are taught to mind how people will see us. Because of it, we get use to always putting our best foot forward.

Just the other day, I was walking my dog when I came across somebody I hadn’t seen in a while. When I asked him how he was doing, he said something like great. But I could tell he was far from that. His energy wasn’t what it normally was.

In the same way, what people put on social media isn’t always a real picture of what might be going on.

What you see is only a fraction of a person’s life. It’s the edited “for your eyes” version.

The reality is that nobody has a perfect life.

And while on the surface, somebody may appear to have the perfect life, don’t be fooled by the social media filter. The truth is that you never know what might be really going on.

Keep your focus on you and what you need to do for yourself and lastly. .

Always remember to count your blessings because there is always some person out there, who right now, would wish they had your life.

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